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Follow supermodel and actress Angie Everhart's journey with us and find out why she loves NuPearl by Oralgen.

New Year, New You, New Smile!

I don't know about you, but I love ringing in the New Year! It's an excellent time to celebrate with family and friends, and also a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year, helping you to shape your goals and intentions for what comes next.

We're all familiar with New Year's resolutions, and it seems like one of the most popular is to take care of ourselves a little better. This can mean getting more sleep, exercising a little more, eating more wholesome foods, and embracing all things natural and authentic. But something not many people seem to consider when it comes to a healthier new year is a healthier, new smile!

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so having a brighter, healthier smile is a great way to build confidence and invite positivity. However, when keeping with the resolution to make healthier choices, brightening solutions like whitening strips or dental procedures can invite harsh chemicals and painful sensitivity.

NuPearl® by ORALGEN is here to fix that.

Since NuPearl's 32x series contains NO peroxide, sulfates, parabens, latex, sodium fluoride, PEG/PPG or gluten, it's the perfect way to renew your smile the safe and healthy way! It swaps out all the harsh ingredients with potent, natural ingredients like brightening botanicals and refreshing peppermint oil. And trust me, it works.

NuPearl worked wonders for my smile this past year, from photo shoots to the red carpet, and I can't wait to keep showing it off in the New Year. Why not also get in on the fun and give NuPearl a try? I guarantee you'll love it, from the natural way it approaches beauty to its visible results.

New Year, New You, New Smile!

Angie Everhart on The Jenny McCarthy Show

Hear what Angie has to say about NuPearl, her battle with cancer, and her commitment to natural living on Jenna McCarthy's radio show!

A Conversation With Angie and Oralgen

ORALGEN: You're an international supermodel with a storied career. With all that in mind, what does a bright, healthy smile mean to you?

Angie: Since nearly everything I do for work involves being in front of a camera, it's so important for me to present my very best self, and smiling is a huge part of that! It also lets people know that I'm happy, friendly, and approachable. So I would say having a bright and healthy smile is very important to me.

O: What originally attracted you to ORALGEN and NuPearl.32x?

A: Well, first things first: I really appreciate that NuPearl.32x uses a formula that is natural and contains no harsh chemicals. I love the idea of achieving your best smile naturally.

I'm such a huge fan of natural beauty. As a model I've tried just about every beauty product under the sun, and although it's fun to dress up, nothing quite beats the natural beauty that makes you, you!

O: Have you always been a proponent of a natural lifestyle?

A: I've always known the importance of trying to lead a healthy, natural lifestyle, but I think my passion and advocacy for it really started up when I received my cancer diagnosis in 2013. That was a game changer for me.

O: How do you think winning your battle against cancer changed your perspective?

A: I feel like it totally reaffirmed my philosophy that life is precious and we have to live each day with a smile on our faces! It also proved to me the importance of living a life that is as natural as possible. I've been striving to do that ever since.

O: So you teaming up with ORALGEN and NuPearl.32x seems like a very "natural" partnership.

A: [laughs] Yes, I guess you could say that. A very easy and natural progression of things!

O: Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences with other whitening treatments before NuPearl.32x?

A: Well, as I said before I've tried just about every beauty product there is, including whitening treatments. Both professional and at-home, and I always felt like they led to a lot of pain and sensitivity or me.

O: And you experienced less sensitivity with NuPearl.32x?

A: None! It's amazing! I've always had very sensitive teeth but so far I haven't had any using the NuPearl.32x products. I definitely think it's because of the natural formula.

O: That's great to hear! Do you have a favorite product so far?

A: I'm loving both the NuPearl.32x Advanced Whitening System and the NuPearl.32x Whitening Pen. But I will say that I tend to use the Whitening Pen the most. I'm on the go so much that I just keep it in my bag for quick touch-ups. It's great for photo shoots and events! Super convenient!

O: All in all, is there anything you would say to someone who is thinking about trying NuPearl.32x, but is still on the fence?

A: I would tell them to just take the plunge! No matter what kind of teeth you have, it's pretty much a guarantee that you will experience less sensitivity, and on top of that, you'll improve and brighten your smile! What's not to like?

Pressed for Time? No Problem!

Everyone wants to have whiter, brighter teeth, but not everyone feels like they have the time. I can definitely relate, as my schedule is always full. It seems like every moment there's a new task to accomplish, from photoshoots to events to making sure my son gets to school on time! But I'm happy to report that we multi-taskers can still get everything done while achieving our best smile! NuPearl's line of products seriously makes it so easy.

Here's just a few of the things I've been able to do while whitening my teeth:

  • Have my makeup done
  • Do my own makeup (minus the lipstick of course!)
  • Make breakfast for my son
  • Work in my home office
  • Watch television
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Enjoy a good book

The list goes on and on. Plus, it's even easier with the Perfecting Whitening Pen! I love using the full system at home but when I'm on the go or pressed for time, the Whitening Pen is a lifesaver. I simply throw it in my bag and can use it on my way to photoshoots, appointments, and other events. It's so great as a little touch-up between treatments with the full NuPearl Whitening System. Plus, it's gentle enough for me to use everyday if my smile needs it! And still, not a bit of sensitivity with the 32x products, which I still can't believe.

Overall, I definitely feel like ORALGEN's NuPearl is a great line of products for people who are short on time but want a whiter, brighter smile. My schedule is always jam-packed, and with NuPearl there's always a way for me to whiten my teeth, whether it's on the rare occasion I'm winding down or the more frequent occasion I'm running out the door! Truly, it's the ultimate system for everyday multitasking.

Keeping My Smile Naturally White

I've always been one to value natural ingredients over artificial ingredients. It just seems to make sense! This goes for many categories of beauty, but especially my smile. I like to choose ingredients that are effective at brightening my smile without affecting my enamel or causing sensitivity.

  • Cranberry-A wonderful natural ingredient that does so many things for the body, including support for healthy teeth and gums.
  • Aloe Vera-Such an awesome naturally soothing plant that has also been shown to support oral health.
  • Peppermint Oil-Keeps your breath smelling fresh!

What's exciting me the most about NuPearl.32x is that it contains peppermint oil, cranberry seed oil, and aloe vera leaf juice along with many other powerful botanicals to naturally whiten teeth. Its formula is 99% food grade, meaning it's natural and safe enough to eat! Plus there's an extra kick with the LED technology, which is also safe but still so powerful. So far, achieving my brightest smile seems to be getter easier and easier!

Angie Everhart and ORALGEN: Wellness Focused Supermodel & Actress to Be Spokesperson for Groundbreaking Whitening Brand

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ORALGEN, makers of the NuPearl® Advanced Whitening Series, has announced that renowned supermodel and actress Angie Everhart will now represent the brand. NuPearl is the revolutionary at-home teeth-whitening system that is clinically proven to reduce stains and deep-seated discoloration caused by years of coffee, wine, smoking, and more. Gentle and effective, NuPearl's results are comparable to professional in-office whitening treatments.

The partnership is a natural one, since Ms. Everhart has made health and wellness a way of life following her fight with thyroid cancer in 2013. That experience was a game changer, according to Everhart, who says "fighting to become a survivor ultimately gave me a renewed, more positive outlook on life and actually blessed me with an opportunity to inspire others that reached out to me from around the globe. My mission has always been to 'feel good, look good & do good,' and by sharing the cleanest, most effective products on the market I can help others find healthy solutions that make them feel and look their best." Today, it is her calling to share that positivity - and her beautiful smile - in all that she does.

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